How to join the Tri-force association

In order to join the Tri-Force association, please click the button below and send us the application form.

Register to Tri-force association


Schools of Tri-Force Jiu-Jitsu Academy are divided into two divisions: Affiliated schools and Certified schools. After joining the association, you will first be registered as an affiliated school.

As your school name, Tri-force + (name of your city) will be given.

The following is the constitution that apply to the Tri-force Jiu-Jitsu Association.
Tri-force BJJ Association Constitution

Benefits of Affiliated and Certified schools

– Certificate of Affiliated or certified school.
– Use of the logo marks and the name of the “Tri-force Jiu Jitsu Academy” is possible.
– Head instructor will be promoted to his/her new belt by the president of Tri-force.
– Buy official gi, patch and any other goods with a special price.
– Applicants who pass the technique examination can participate in the instructor course.
– Members can join the jiu-jitsu classes at any Tri-force branch with a special price.
– Hold seminars of headquarters instructors and competitors with a special price.

Certified schools

– The affiliated school of which its head instructor has a certified instructor qualification can apply for becoming a certified school. Your school will be listed on the certified school category.

– Certified schools need to guarantee the member that their three systems of curriculum, belt system and certified instructors are the same as the headquarters’ systems.

– Belt holders of certified schools are listed on the Tri-force website.

– Certified schools are authorized to conduct Tri-force official curriculum classes.

Affiliate fee

20,000 yen + commission 1,000 yen (per each month)


Tri-force Affiliate Fee