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Subscribe the monthly membership fee

For becoming our member, make your PayPal account at first. Then subscribe automatic payment system for paying your monthly membership fee.
In order to finish your registration, you have to do account verification of PayPal.

Membership application form, academy rules

Download and fill the membership application form and bring it to the academy or you can fill it at the door. Also please read and make sure our academy rules.

Enrollment fee

You can pay the enrollment fee at the door by cash, credit card or debit card. Or just buy “enrollment fee” by the shopping cart below.

Visitor training

If you’d like to take a few days training as a visitor, just buy “visitors fee” by the shopping cart below. Then please show the receipt at the door.


Registration of automatic payment for monthly membership fee

Membership type (Ikebukuro / Shinjuku)
Member type (Osaka)

Membership type (Hakata)

Gi washing and keeping service


Enrollment fee


Visitor fee

Enrollment fee
Adult 10,800yen
Junior and Kids 5,400yen
Membership type (Price list of the montly fee)
Everyday (under 25)
8 days/month
Kids (member’s family)
Private and visitor’s fee
Private lesson (30minutes) 5,400yen
Visitor (1day) 3,000yen
Visitor (1week) 8,000yen
Visitor (2weeks) 10,000yen
Visitor (1month) 17,000yen

Trial lesson

Interested people may join a trial lesson at Tri-force. Trial fee is 1,000 yen include rental gi (the jiu-jitsu uniform) and towel. We have change rooms and shower facilities. This service is limited to the residents in Japan. Please make sure to bring your residence ID.

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