How to join the Tri-force network

In order to join the Tri-Force network, please send us the scanned data of the following three documents by E-mail.

1. Tri-force network member application form (PDF)
2. Representative identification document (Passport, for example)
3. BJJ federation membership card (If you have any jiu-jitsu belt)


The subject of the mail should read “network membership application”. Please specify your name and telephone number in the email text. You can also submit questions and requests should you wish.

We will conduct an interview after the documents review, then we will determine propriety. Your school will be normally registered as an affiliated school at first.

As your school name, Tri-force + (name of your city) will be given. You can put your original team name after that If you like.

Benefits of affiliated/certified schools

– Affiliated/certified school certificate.
– Use of the logo marks and the name of the “Tri-force Jiu Jitsu Academy” is possible.
– Invite representatives to the Tri-force online training techniques library.
– Invite representatives to the premium member at the online training center (from August 2016).
– Buy official gi, patch and any other goods with a special price.
– Applicants who pass the technique qualification test can participate in the instructor course.
– Head instructors will be promoted to his new belt by the president of Tri-force.
– Members can join the classes at any Tri-force branch for 1,000 yen per visit. Representatives can attend for free.
– Possible to do seminars or classes by headquarters instructor only with transportation expenses.

Affiliated Schools and Certified schools

– If one or more certified instructors are enrolled, you can apply for becoming a certified school. Your school will be listed on certified school category.

– Certified schools need to guarantee the member that their three systems of curriculum, belt system and certified instructors are the same as the headquarters’ systems.

– Belt holders of certified schools are listed on the Tri-force network website.

– Certified schools are authorized to conduct Tri-force official curriculum classes.

License fee

20,000 yen + commission 1,000 yen (per each month)



Tri-force License Fee